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onto straight and heading home

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    At long last we are in straight now and heading for home!

    If anyone (including a few pretend experts here) believed that we will head home earlier, then they are amateur in share trading tactics. Consider the following:

    - For small upcoming companies, you must secure the ownership before it takes off. There is too much blood and sweat invested for someone else to reap the benefits. This motive overides all else (oh yes even at the cost of survival! Study the companies in last 20 years and you will find plenty of examples).

    - If it was a shonky company, the directors would have been on mega million dollars salaries (study other companies which have gone down by paying multi million dollars to directors). They wont be trying to survive on mere $200K (and 60% of that they didn't get this year)

    - For anyone to say that Ropren is a hoax - consider the facts - it has been approved by Russian authorities (it has been widely circulated in press and media - if it was a hoax - surely Russian authorities would have come down with tons of bricks on the company). Tomsk region has promoted it - see the details available in public domain. Tomsk papers have widely reported that Solagran will invest $21 Million in next plant and so on and on

    - see the trees from the woods. the 28 million shares to be allocated are not only for scientists but for SCIENTISTS and ADMINISTRATORS. Why the experts ignore the ADMINSTRATOR part - this is the crux of the matter. You may not need scientists now but at this stage you surely needs Administrators on your side

    - If someone thinks that they can force the hands of directors by constant negativity on various forums - take heed that Russians defeated Hitler's army by locking up for 900 days - these Russians are brilliant tacticians than anyone gives credit to them

    - And finally if someone thinks that directors will go all the way to raise a lousy 2 million dollars (at the risk of their reputation) - by creating a smoke screen of Ropren sales, promise of shares to scientists and adminstrators (from 80c onwards), options to directors at 50 c etc etc - then either it is naivety or stupidity on the part of the thinker.

    Enough for the ranting!!

    Our day in the Sun is finally arriving and all should enjoy

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