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only for "sophisticated investors"

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    Notice that JUM has done a placement for 10 Million shares at 1.3 cents a share for "sophisticated investors" - no wonder I wasn't offered.

    Who exactly is a "sophisticated Investor" and is that all the info they have to give?

    I don't own JUM but thought it might be a pump and dump target by the re-born daytraders and so took a look to check on the downside risk.

    Seems they have been making aquisitions but their financial results are very very UNDETAILED. They have been issueing millions of shares for "operating and investing " activities. Why would they need to place new shares for "operating" activities if they are making a profit?

    Not that questions like this make much difference to the most likely buyers of a stock like JUM. Its amazing the similarities of some of the posts now to those during the tech boom/bust. ie "this is a stock, and its going up, i am going to buy some". This is a good thing in a way, its how the money is made. But with JUM, have to consider that it doesnt seem to be able to exist without placements of shares well under the current price. Downside risk if things turn pear shaped again is very substantial.
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