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    Cheers Rolf, yet I think u get my thoughts on the 'what if' x10 shares on issue senario? As everyone, incl me, keeps stating the volatilty of this SP. Yet if it was ranging btw say 15c to 18c in one day it psychologically does not feel as large as 1.50 to 1.80.

    In the LT term it makes no diff, yet I think it does in the ST- IMO.

    Looking at the overall pic works best in the LT. MC= 100 Mil for potential upside of MC= 1000 Mil in a year. Risk to reward wise it is currently a good punt. Thus why I advocate that investors look at the MC as opposed to the SP.

    Thats it I am spent- off for a few drinks at the Pub...

    ROL is a winner for 2010- My pick for a ten bagger. All the best.
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