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only 58.7 mil shares on issue- x10 future...

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    What would the SP run up if 587 mil shares on issue, as opposed to ONLY 58.7 mil???

    Gary Lewis the MD of Robust must be a very excited man. This is going to get some serious media coverage in the near future- IMO. Can anyone name 1 single company in the exploration world whom has come out with these results, with only 1% of the drilling complete???... I have tried yet cannot.

    IMO- the share has no where near run up as much as it should have to date. Still very little shares listed in comparision to most speccies on ASX. In reality it should have 10x the number of shares on issue. It has ONLY 58.7 mil on issue, 587mil is very reasonable. Many specs have billions on issue...

    If 10x the shares was the case then my bet is the BULL run we have had from 70c to 1.8 (Now 58.7mil shares). Would have looked a lot more like this... 7c to 35c with 587 mil shares- IMO. Double the percentage increase. Something I am sure Management will be considering and being advised on RIGHT NOW.

    Whilst Talbot has diluted shares by 6 million more at a SP of $1.20. This is VERY unusual to have him load up again when the SP did not even know the meaning of this figure 2 weeks ago. Whomever said Talbot will not be simply wanting 50% back from his investment does not understand the implication of this further investment. He was already 400% up (On-Market)... Talbot can never sell his shares quickly 'On-market', as there would be a stampede to exit as soon as the ANN was release he was lowering his investment. He can never SELL for huge profits unless a takeover was to occur and he was to individually negoitate is way out of the investment- IMO. Or another firm purchase the shares from him off market.

    I personally hope they do a 10 for 1 split in the near future. Pyschologically it just seems to make a huge difference in the minds of us investors.

    Anyway as posted earlier I thought I will repost the email received from Gary Lewis earlier today...

    My request to Gary was how far away are they from releasing key findings on 'proven and probable' reserves?

    Plus what percentage of drilling have been accomplished in the key test sites on Romang Island?

    Finally are they working over the XMAS period, Management, drilling and the lab?

    His reply was within a few hours.

    I will bold the areas I think are KEY...

    >>Jeremy, thank you for your email.

    Robust is currently drilling a very large, 6 x 4 Km Lakuwahi Caldera target. We have 3 diamond drill rigs in operation which produce 150 to 200 metres of core per week. In March 2010 we will have 4 rigs operating at Lakuwahi.

    To date we have only drill tested 'LESS THAN 1%' of the Lakuwahi Caldera.

    From that drilling we have had a remarkably 'HIGH HIT RATE' and geologically the correlations between holes are good.

    We are still in the Exploration Phase of our project where we are still defining the ULTIMATE size of the orebodies. We still dont know the size of the ultimate prize and since we are forging into the unknown, it is very hard to predict how long it will take to define it. We do know that as the results come in they continue to 'EXPAND the mineralized zones'.

    Until we have a better knowledge of the ultimate size of the orebodies we think it is too early to conduct JORC resource estimates. However it is anticipated that with our accelerating program of exploration, and taking into account the uncertainties relating to exploration, we would be in a position in the 'latter part of 2010' to release a maiden JORC resource.

    Whilst we will continue drilling over the Christmas period, our lab in Jakarta will be closed. We anticipate reporting more drill results in the second or third week of January. Rs Gary
    Gary Lewis
    Managing Director

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