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    It was great to see an important bottom on 6/8/02.

    The PEI model called for a first lower high in Sept 2000(the latest you would want to be long) and a major bottom at 06/11/2002.

    Yesterday my monthly indicators were at the same level as 11/11/87. My weekly indicators were at the same level as 11/11/87.

    11/11/87 was the bottom but the market went into a triangle for 3 months until 10/02/88(a higher bottom).

    The US Decennial charts indicated a major low in mid 2002. The US 4 year presidential charts indicate bottoms now and Sept and Dec then UP.

    It is looking good for a major (slightly higher or slightly lower) bottom around 6/11/2002.

    2003 looks very good with maybe a pullback around March/April 2004. Compare the next 5 years with 1932/1937.
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