online buying-gst to level the playing field?

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    I don't know if this subject's been run through this site, but unless you've been living under a rock over the last 6 months you would know various big Aussie retailers are screaming out for the GST to be added to all overseas purchases bought online, and not just those that are over $1000!

    We keep hearing the same old arguments, over and over, from both sides of the camp; the retailer and the consumer. I sympathise with both, and the reason is it's because Australia is different being so extremely isolated from the rest of the world. We knuckle heads have been living in la la land by accepting being ripped off from every direction possible. We've been paying the highest prices for food, clothing, cars, electrical goods, land, houses, wages, land tax, etc. The excuses were always the same - "it's the weak Aussie dollar", that was what we all accepted.

    Enter the 'dollar parity' which is possibly the worst thing that could have ever happened to this country. What parity has done is it has motivated Australians to use their internet and to see with their own eyes exactly how much disparity there is in literally everything we buy - even with our dollar stronger than the USD! So now the light bulb has finally been switched on and the consumer/retail bubble has been burst.

    How far will this go? Who is to blame for the price disparities? Will the inevitable loss in retail jobs bite those who buy online on the backside because their owns jobs will eventually be impacted by the loss of jobs?

    But it's not just because of the lack of GST that there is a price advantage, and it's not just because online retailers do not have large overheads as shop retailers have. On Sunrise this morning an email was read where someone bought perfume when in the USA - from a shop - and the price was still around half the price of the Australian shop item.

    So what do we do? Will retailers start cutting back prices by reducing staff numbers/wages, etc? Will various retailers simply disappear leaving the various shopping complexes looking empty and desperate? And if that were to happen, will the complexes drop their extremely high lease fees to the retailers? If that down cutting meant activity worsens will councils reduce the land tax fees enforced onto our retailers which, by the way, we all pay for in the end product price!

    So here we are looking a little, shall we say, 'obvious' with our over priced 'everything'. What do you guys reckon, should we continue to buy overseas online to save money, even though it may well hurt 'us all' in the long run? Or should we start demanding fairer pricing and in return offer back our loyalty?

    Maybe what is happening now is what was needed to occur to realign the market place with the rest of world. I mean, we all embraced globalisation, in particular retailers. Is this our turn the reap the rewards that retailers have been keeping away from us for all those years?
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