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    I was wondering if anyone could recommend an online broker who provides stop loss and/or short selling services.

    My FS Broker was very useful I just forgot to reverse the polarity on recommendation meter!

    "Buy" means sell
    "sell" means buy
    "got a hot tip" (accompanied by low volume dialogue) means the rumour is a week old and you'll buy the top,

    ''stay away from those penny stocks" reads I don't understand market dynamics, I failed maths at schiool and would be a used car salesman had my dad not been owed a favour by an old friend.

    On the same hot tip above "things are progressing nicely; price weakness is a perfect time to average down" reads I have no idea whats going on, I am far removed from the loop but I am worried about my reputation given the shareprice has halved in days and I have all my clients in on this one. Geez I love livin' on the edge!!!!

    Apologies for the cynicism but I am in the midst of organising my tax selling for the year and realise that of numerous "hot tips" over the last year all but one have been duds.
    Luckily for me, I managed to talk him around when he refused to buy "penny stocks " such as OXR at 6c for me. He should have bought some himself.

    If anyone can help with an OL broker who offers the above services it would be much appreciated. Thanks
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