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    hi amigo's,
    i have just received an email from the ceo of gip, (tantulum/feldspar)which i have been in 4 a while. he states that the ta2o5 price in the london metals bulletin is predicted at $47.30/pound for 2004 to 2100.this is a 50%+ rise from the 2002 price.As noted in sgw's , last report (6 months ago),sgw sold 200,000lbs more than contracted to cabot--still coming out of the tech slump---so the tantulum stocks are set for a serious re-rating,.the fact that the philidelphia semi -conductor index rose 78% in the last 6 mounths is ample evidence.just look at sgw--doubled in a rel.short time period.expect all ta205 stocks to do as well.cheers mack
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