VPE 0.00% 41.5¢ victoria petroleum nl

one to watch-maybe

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    I posted here a month or two ago rating it an accumulate at 1cent.

    It seems that interest is being shown in this stock again as yesterday saw a great deal of volume turned over in this company.(NOT SEE IN A LONG TIME !!!!)

    Tri-Valley are fraccing a large well in California and if successful VPE holds large leases immediately around The SUNRISE well of TRIL.(KINGFISHER,CONDOR,RAVEN)

    These permits hold huge reserves of GAS where the price currently is very favourably.Fraccing results will be known in the next few days.

    Also VPE have permits adjacent to the areas BEACH have been so successful in the COOPER's Basin.(see yesterday`s announcement)VPE also have a 40% interest in this area of the COOPER'S BASIN.(see VPE website for further details)

    Not to mention Jingemia interest in Perth Basin (Jingemia 2 due to be drilled in SEPT)-VPE drill schedule as from yesterday`s asx announcement.

    Starting to look attractive at 1.3c i feel .

    Do some research and see...
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