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one thought and two questions

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    Some months ago there was a bidder that continually put in a sell at 92 cents for about 660 k. At the beginning of day he/she would but their order in and at end of day remove it. This tended to skure the buy sell equation. One day about a week ago this person (assumption) put the sell in at 40 something cents and sold all of the 660k (assumption). Cannot remember the exact price - however it caused share price to fall into the low 40's. What the agenda was is really unknown. Since then share price has started to climb out of the hole this person created (assumption)

    Since then and maybe two to three weeks prior a bidder has been putting in to sell shares at 51 cents for about 300k's. Previously when other seller had his shares to sell at 92 cents this seller would only put in market end of day. Now that the other seller has disappeared this person puts in market at beginning of day and removes end of day. Can you see the pattern

    Ok so the questions.

    Is the bidder at 51 cents a retail seller or Acorn

    Acorn had previously reduced stake in company

    If this gets gobbled up can we see an upward movement to 6o cents - or is this bidder slowly drip feeding shares to market

    Once again shorts have covered and amount is now down to 2.84 per cent

    As one can see from the past several weeks there is very little new short selling

    Remember this is the pivotal year for Starpharma

    Early results could be feeding through in phase 3 clinical trials of R-BV mid year 2015 (assumption)

    There is more information on phase 1 clinical trials of dep docetaxel which should be part of mid year update at end of February (assumption)

    Commercialisation agreements must be quite advanced in several of Starpharma's pipeline - again to be updated first half

    Okamoto must be getting close to a result for approval of vivagel coated condoms in Japan. Just a matter of patience

    Meanwhile I will continue to moniter the manipulation of this stock by unknown parties (in my opinion)
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