one thing i dont understand....

  1. Yak
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    Other than the the mind-set of the rabble here on H/C........

    .....much was made of Snooker posting only on his favourite topic.

    Littletee made vey much of the fact that he never posts on stox so therefore he should desist.

    Called for a vote and got banged!

    Now here's what i dont get.

    Bow - woooow has never ever posted on a stock that I can see and yet he's one of the "boys" - all's cool!

    And myriam - that poor girl plagued by pre-menstrual tension that gets so uppity every so often around "that time" that she pops in and drops a bit on the forum.

    (PMS is tuff - my wife rekons it stands for "Putting up with Mens Sh$t".)

    She's posted 1x in a year on stocks!!!

    But she's like a heroinne to the boys.

    Now were's your even-handedness, fellas???

    Or is that an attribute that is lacking in your make-up???

    Lets hear your chorus of
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