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    Date 08/10/2003
    From the desk of the Australian's Robert Gottliebsen...host of
    Business Daily.

    When Evan Thornley and Tracey Ellery established search engine
    LookSmart in Melbourne during 1995 they believed the market would
    eventually boom.

    It's ironic that, just as internet retailing and searching are
    exploding, LookSmart has lost its main avenue to the market
    Microsoft's MSN.

    But there is a good reason.

    MSN and LookSmart were being killed in the search engine market
    by Google which had twice the audience.

    The problem goes back to the original technology.

    Google used an algorithm model that ranks pages according to
    their popularity.

    LookSmart used a different model, it and MSN were the

    Microsoft chief Bill Gates now wants his own algorithm model
    which he will incorporate it into Microsoft's next generation
    of Windows.

    He did not want a bunch of Aussies at LookSmart in on the act.

    Will Gates be able to topple Google?

    There is no certainty that he will beat the upstart because Google
    has a huge start.

    The Microsoft culture is to own everything so it is more likely
    to use its Windows base than try to link with Google.

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