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  1. Yak
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    Like XEN - I'm gone.....

    Posted this in General and then got an email from a mate who said there's lots of those in the ASX forumthat dont log into General sooo....

    "The time has come.

    I've been a member since mid-1998 and have enjoyed my stay.

    H/C has evolved into a diverse interesting forum with its fair share of both characters and opinion.

    In recent times I have found that almost against my will, I have been dragged into controversy and acrimony by a small # of posters.

    I guess the issues at stake are sufficiently large and important to me that I chose to get to their level.

    I'm tired of it and I'm tired of the futility of it all.

    To all the people I've cyber/met and got on with (like 99.9% of youse) - thanks!!!

    To the rabble....knock yerself out :(

    And as we used to say..."Leshona tova tekasavu" - "May a good year be written" - although its hard to see 2003 getting better.


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Currently unlisted public company.

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