One of the problems with the National Party is a lack of WA representation!!!, page-5

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    In my opinion Barnaby draws power from geographical location and cultural similarities with other networkers with the party base.

    This is as a distant observer, I have no party links.

    So Barnaby is rewarded for connections rather than leadership and intelligence and decision making.

    Barnaby is a reason the Nationals have become to narrow in terms of their representation.

    One can see why WA and SA would not feel represented through such an association let alone Victoria.

    Remember Barnaby is all about himself and his electorate such as moving APVMA from Canberra to Armidale rather than actually helping people on regional Australia in terms of general policies that support them and emancipate them.

    Barnaby is a blunt instrument that cannot forge growth to help the overall community so everybody wins. He is an attack dog you put on the lease playing a zero sum game is if he wins you and others lose directly or indirectly!!

    If he thought before he spoke it would be different!! He lacks the strategic acumen and patience to delivery real benefits to Australian citizens.

    He has a brand which is that of a jackass and serves no one but himself!!
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