One of the problems with the National Party is a lack of WA representation!!!

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    I think its clear the the National party lacks WA representation to bring balance and improved perspective on policy.

    Because the party seems slanted to the east and north it succumbs to risk of the lunatic fringe and incestious operations like a inbred small villager that cannot escape the restrictions of geographic disenfranchisement.

    If WA had a stronger footing the lunatic fringe could be kept in check and things can develop to help everybody grow.

    At the moment Barnaby just appears to be bashing heads. He wants to bang on about this and that. Once one thing happens he wants to bang on about something else.

    All he appears to be is a fool and a head kicker creating wars and conflict. Its a bit like a scream for look at me.

    Barnaby appears to not be able to get any satisfaction. The trouble with such conflict is the importance of WA gets ignored because of those wishing to constantly infight!!!

    Will some ever get settled so peoples ideas can be heard, put forward and acted on???
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