Love your comments, as you mention you have no experience. I am...

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    Love your comments, as you mention you have no experience. I am not going to give all of my experience in marketing as it will give away my identity to some, but I am in charge of a fairly large organisation and my brief includes sales, marketing, financials, and many operational areas. I have a double Bachelor degree and marketing is a key component. I also have a lot of years of experience.

    The reason I call them "Soy Drinking woke marketers" is that is what a lot of the young marketers coming out of inner city Universities are. As you say you have no experience so you don't know. These people think they know everything, but with the pushback they have received they obviously didn't do the market research. They listened to the noise, but didn't go deeply into the real customers viewpoint.

    You strike me as lazy and want everyone else doing your work. If you want to see what the Facebook and other threads are saying, look yourself, I am not betraying my name by showing facebook information. This post has shown what I have always believed, you have an opinion on everything, but know nothing.
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