one last word on rocca ....

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    From one of todays press reports ....

    "NO Rocca, no Collingwood – it was the theory gathering momentum last night as the Magpies diagnosed their nightmarish last Saturday in September.

    While the suspended Rocca was too upset to comment, teammates said his absence had been crucial given his importance across half-forward and in the ruck.

    "Of course you miss `Peb' (Rocca), but `Tex' (Tristen Walker) came in," Shane Woewodin said. "You have to put faith in your list and hope anyone coming in would lift."

    Woewodin said Rocca had taken his football to a new level this year and it was no denying his absence was crucial.

    "But our disposal going forward wasn't as good (as in previous finals). We just blazed away a few times. We also fumbled and didn't do much of the hard stuff, the one-percenters that you just have to do in finals football. It really cost us," Woewodin said."


    Hey fella's - lets put this in words that even AFL footie players would understand ... you play by the spirit of game and don't bother about trying to take somebody's head off .... and life will be 'kind to you'.

    And what about that attempt on Browns life at the opening bounce. Oh dear - live by the sword - die by the sword - I think the saying goes! NC

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