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    I received the following letter from a side (One Jerusalem) that I am a member of......
    Please read...You may find it interesting, as I did.
    Thanks in advance:)))

    Thursday, December 23, 2004

    Dear Michael,

    A few days ago, Mahmoud Abbas, the only candidate for leadership of the PLO, eulogized his mentor Yasser Arafat with these words:

    “No words of homage are sufficient to commemorate his memory…Arafat remains eternal in the minds and collective memory of our people and the Arab and Islamic people.

    “We will continue the struggle to make your dream and our dream come true and to have a Palestinian child raise the Palestinian flag on the walls of Jerusalem, the capital of our independent Palestinian state.”

    Those of us who believe that Jerusalem should remain a united and open city must take these words at face value.

    Arafat’s heirs continue to pay homage to his terrorist leadership and goals. They want to rid the Holy Land of Christians and Jews who believe that all people should have access to the Holy City of Jerusalem.

    If you want to see a future with Jerusalem as the capital of the PLO – look at the fate of Bethlehem.

    As I write, the New York Times reports in an article A Sad New Carol: Go Ye From Bethlehem that since Arafat and his gang (which includes Abbas) descended on this Christian center of worship the Christian Arab population in the city has dropped from 90% to 35% and Christians continue to flee the tyranny of Abbas and company.

    I remember speaking to a Christian storekeeper in Bethlehem a few years ago. He lamented life under the rule of the PLO. He talked about the discrimination against non-Muslims and the desecration of non-Muslim holy sites.

    This was before Palestinian terrorists invaded one of the holiest churches in the world and used it for their violent agenda.

    Jerusalem can (G-D forbid) become the next Bethlehem. This is Abbas’s plan and we must take his words at face value.

    Once again, I am asking you to donate the resources we need to keep Jerusalem free and open as the united capital of Israel. One Jerusalem stopped Arafat in his tracts as he attempted to take Jerusalem. It took your financial support to make that happen and we need you once again

    Join me in making an end of the year tax-deductible (for Americans) contribution to One Jerusalem.

    During 2004, we have grown into one of the largest Internet based pro-Israel organizations in the world. We have friends and supporters all over the world: in Taiwan, Australia, Europe, the United States, Mexico, and Israel.

    Our goal is to double our supporters and to expand our educational activities, especially among the young.

    But we can only succeed with your support. Please donate what you can afford today. If you can, donate $52 or more. Think of it as a dollar a week.

    In closing I want to thank all of you for your commitment to keeping Jerusalem united. Please pass this message and other communications from One Jerusalem to your personal e-mail lists. You would be surprised how many of your relatives and friends have responded when you took the time to circulate our messages.

    Together, we can win this battle.

    Thank you,

    Allen Roth

    President, One Jerusalem

    Under US law, a donation to the One Jerusalem Charitable and Educational Fund is deductible for income tax purposes.

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