BBI 0.00% $3.98 babcock & brown infrastructure group

once in a lifetime indeed

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    I know a few people don't like me using this expression but I stand by it.
    I have been investing in markets since 1978 (30 years) and I have never seen a stock with NTA of $1.23 able to be bought in massive volume under 3c. Maybe they were out there but I missed them? So if I haven't seen it for the last 30 years, there is a very good chance I will not see it in the next 30 years (God willing I'm still here).
    Therefore, if BBI survives, in time I will look back and say BBI at under 3c was indeed a "once in a lifetime" opportunity for ME. I cannot speak for others as a lot of people are confident this is going broke. If it fails, life goes on.
    My father bought 75,000 of these at over $1 when they were Prime Infrastructure. He sold out at a small profit. How times have changed. That parcel of shares can now be bought for the grand sum of $2,100 + $20 brokerage.
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