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    Hi all

    The echo of the starters gun will be just be a distant memory in the Frosty handy-cap.
    SLT are even money to scream past the buck barrier first, followed close in by PRR .
    Just a tad behind, (its a nicer way than saying 'following up the rear') is my favourite PBI.
    PBI has little chance in these early stages but is going to prove a real stayer long term with conditions improving
    for this well bred stud.
    The biggest surprise on the track is the old galloper YAM which is well back down the straight. Don't be surprised if this old donkey teaches the younger colts a trick or two as far as real term gains go, as it is the sire to all the main runners be it through some backdoor interbred ozark means.

    I've got to bolt over the next couple of days and spend some of my hard earned dough catchin' some fish up Queensland way but when I come back on the week-end I'm going to give an update on where I think the whole stable are heading.

    All jokes aside, in my opinion if you're not a player in one or more, if not all of these stocks then your chance to be a player in the real life "who wants to be a millionaire" is going to go down the shute literally. It's not too late. The placements to the big boys, instos etc are falling in place and these guys only get on board when the serious dollars are on offer.

    If you don't believe me I couldn't give a rats, but just copy this post and keep it and open it again in 6 months but not at the dinner table cause it would be a shame to stuff a good meal with some unwanted additives.

    Misty ooh ah, I mean Cloud of Sparrows.
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