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Currently unlisted. Proposed listing date: WITHDRAWN
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    Who was it that said on Tuesday the 15th, we'd get an announcement?? I think it was posted 2 weeks ago

    And a good/great one at that !!!!!

    Don't forget a comment that says "due to start producing gold" at the end of the month. Mr Williams did say it could be a good Christmas, but I'd like my Chrissie presents before the 25th pleeze!! Call me excitable and eager, but don't call me late for breakfast.

    Seriously though, a lot of reputations are going to be made in the next 3 weeks. Keep smilin all.

    By the way, saw Greenday at the Rod Laver last nite. Absoluletly fantastic they were. I heard they were good in Sydney as well. Anyone go?

    Someone said the next Silver Lake? Gold lake please
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