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    A new announcement is still expecting with AFT.
    We might see something today or tommorrow, however, there are expections it will be releated to the following.

    An announcement to the contrary;
    Sales - Applications in any of these areas.
    * Public places – work places -transportation – domestic accommodations – schools – kindergartens - Medical environments – operating theatres – quarantine areas - laboratories – maternity wards – waiting rooms
    Food preparation – abattoirs – yoghurt factories – mushroom farms - Defence – buildings – field hospitals – tanks – ships – submarines – aircraft carriers - kitchens – headquarters – shelters

    Research and Development.
    * using REAL SARS viruses will be conducted in China by the Chinese authorities in the near future.

    * Thanks to the uniqueness and the successful testing in China, the Microgenix system may be the only product able to reach the new PRC benchmark for the new air purification standards being introduced Chinese health facilities. It is possible that the Chinese government as a part of its SARS control program may issue directives requiring all hospitals and clinics to take steps to ensure they all meet the new air purification standards / requirements. Microgenix equipment should then be well positioned to meet the new standards and Microgenix should be able to generate substantial orders.

    * Negotiation of final Manufacturing and Distribution contracts with Chinese Partners and for the creation of Microgenix China in conjunction with local business partners to represent the interests of Microgenix in the People’s Republic of China.

    * Microgenix System has successfully passed 8 of the 10 regulatory tests required by the P.R.C

    * Government to enable Microgenix to commence marketing and manufacturing in the P.R.C.

    * AFT plans to open negotiations to purchase the 50% interest held by Techsuccess over the next few months as certain performance expectations are reached by Microgenix.

    I'm looking forward to further developments to any of the above. They have potential and their finger in the pie, it will be interesting to see how it will unfold.
    Happy Trading..
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