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    December 18, 2009

    China As A Nuclear Power Play

    By Romeo Dator, Co-manager, China Region Fund (USCOX)

    China is preparing aggressively for its energy future in order to accommodate rapid economic growth for decades to come. The foundation of the nation's electricity generation plan is coal, but with loud calls coming from around the world for China to cut its output of greenhouse gases, a significant portion of new power will be nuclear. From an investment perspective, China's growing interest in nuclear power will provide enormous investment opportunities over the next few years. Some analysts say the price of uranium, while soft now, could double over the next couple of years.
    China's nuclear capacity is now less than 9,000 megawatts, but the country has more than a dozen more plants either under construction or in the planning stages. According to figures from the brokerage CLSA, the capacity could grow fivefold by 2015. The official target is 40,000 megawatts by 2020. Such an ambitious program raises the question of how to fuel all of the new plants that China wants to bring online in the next decade. Where will all of the uranium come from to handle this new...

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