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    Melbourne biotechnology company Vital Health Sciences Limited (VHS)
    in collaboration with Monash University, today announced results of a
    study that showed VHS's patented vitamin E product is able to inhibit
    the growth of cells known to be implicated in causing heart disease.

    The study was conducted by Paragon Bioservices at the prestigious
    Johns Hopkins University in the United States.

    Dr. Robert Gianello of Monash University, Department of Biochemistry
    and Molecular Biology says, "Initial results from tests on the
    anti-proliferative activity of VHS patented form of vitamin E have
    been very promising.

    "VHS vitamin E caused an 89% inhibition of cells compared to 43%
    observed with standard vitamin E (see figure 1). This indicates the
    potential for using the VHS product to reduce the risk of the
    cardiovascular disease, known as atherosclerosis.

    "Our studies demonstrate that the VHS product has potent
    anti-proliferative properties. Importantly, the study also
    demonstrated that the anti-proliferative action of VHS vitamin E was
    far more effective than current vitamin E."

    Heart disease, including atherosclerosis, is the leading cause of
    death in the Western World. Atherosclerosis is partly due to
    excessive cell proliferation in the large blood vessels of the heart
    and VHS vitamin E is a potent inhibitor of these cells.

    Associate Professor Andrew Vizard, Chairman of Vital Capital Limited
    (35.5% shareholder in VHS), says, "Retail sales in North America of
    vitamin E dietary supplements are estimated to be US$1.2 billion.
    Sales of vitamin E are driven by heavily promoted health benefits
    including the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

    "Since VHS's patented vitamin E shows superior benefits in these
    laboratory experiments compared to currently available vitamin E, we
    expect the VHS product to gain significant market penetration."

    Professor Vizard says, "Commercial discussions by VHS with global
    distributors based in North America are currently underway, and we
    are advised that work is well advanced to support regulatory approval
    by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA). VHS expects sales into
    the dietary supplement market to commence in the first quarter of

    Figure 1. Paragon Bioservices' research showing inhibition of cell
    proliferation VHS vitamin E versus standard vitamin E.


    The graph demonstrates that VHS vitamin E was a superior inhibitor of
    cell proliferation (89% inhibition) compared to standard vitamin E
    (43% inhibition).


    Vital Health Sciences (VHS) is a biotechnology company engaged in
    research, discovery and development of human and animal therapeutics
    and is 35.5% owned by Vital Capital Limited (traded on the Australian
    Stock Exchange under the code VIT). Please visit www.vitalhs.com.

    Studies were conducted by Paragon Bioservices at Johns Hopkins
    University. www.paragonbioservices.com

    For more information contact:

    Robert Gianello Adam Soffer
    03 9905 5325 03 9607 4500
    0412 966 335

    Associate Professor Andrew Vizard
    Vital Capital Limited
    03 9605 5900

    A copy of Figure 1; and Questions & Answers is available in PDF
    format on www.asx.com.au. Alternatively it is available for purchase
    from ASX Customer Service on 1 300 300 279.

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