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    G'day all

    I'd just like to say Newry and Trade-4-profit are on the bucks. Newry's call on the market is spot on and T4Ps analysis of the stock as a speculative call is as I have described it before.

    I disagree with a few points however. The main point differentiating T4P's trading techniques and my own is obviously identification of opportunities. I know for sure that the first call on SLT was made by Mistybay and remember a cloud of sparrows once appeared from a misty bay.

    Now Misty's techniques and mine are extrememly similar might I say in that the name of the game is identifying a stock at its embryotic stage so you can accumulate huge numbers at low intervention levels. The point being you only need one out of every three stocks to break out and you are better than even and so it goes on. Put it this way, I like to be first into a stock or there abouts, but I'm also first out if I don't feel comfortable.

    I missed Prana, but marvelled at the simplicity of the company construction. I haven't missed PRR and have traded it relentlessly. With Misty absolutely the first on board SLT and publicly identifying it, how did he pick it? It's so easy. The board was nearly identical to PRR etc only with improvements. You could just feel Frosty and the boys were going to mirror PBT and PRR. With PBI I wasn't quite as sure but carried out more due diligence than a koala could bear until finally their price bottomed to an unbelievable 8c a share and 2c+ for options. It was at this point I began to graze.

    Now I don't mind shouting loud and clear. I'm in PRR, PBI and SLT and have now got a belly full of YAM too. So you can call them speculative or whatever, but biotechs are going to be hot property as the market recovers. And with stocks like SLT etc having the potential to reap huge rewards through patents of their biomedical molecular discoveries, why won't they be the microsofts of the future. Gee whiz, the world's always going to get crook and someone's got to fix it. There's huge money in the medical sphere. Believe me - both myself and my wife are in it.

    A lot are obviously on board SLT and PRR. I've been shouting for a few months now - don't underestimate PBI because believe me this is still a very cheap entry price - just marginally over its list- so it will be interesting to see their upcoming announcement.

    My last words are a warning. Get in now before the institutional buyers start, cause that's when these fellows with a low market cap and a small number of shares on offer really start going bananas if they can deliver the goods.

    The harder I work the luckier I get.
    Cloud of Sparrows
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