on silver, gold + the death of an economy

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    What US economy.......

    With silver, you break even at 50 cents per ounce increase, whereas with gold you break even with about a $4 per ounce increase. Big difference. As silver goes up faster than gold, the ratios will go down, and the spreads will too. Meantime, the fed is 'borrowing' $104 billion this quarter, rather than the $76 billion it originally estimated. Next quarter, they estimate they will have to 'borrow' $126 billion. In other words, the presses are running, and the money supply is zooming up. No one in Europe is buying Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae stock, and are dumping it like mad, because of the lack of honesty in their bookkeeping, plus they have little in assets, and tons of liabilities. Interest rates are going up, which means the re-fi business is over for the mortgage companies, and this will possibly slow the housing bubble. It is the housing bubble that is keeping the whole thing going. The stock market is going up, just like it did when it burst a couple of years ago. Why? Because the sheeple know nothing, and think they'll remove their fading dollars from the dishonest banks, and put them in the overblown stock market. The Iraq debacle is costing, they say, a billion a week, and at least a life a day. Is this true, or babble? Whom does one trust? Whose statistics? Whose press releases? Ain't life grand? Protect yourself.

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