on killing humanity, shame on usa

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    On killing humanity

    Fallujah has been turned into rubbles, a graveyard and a hell indeed as described by one of the bereaved civilians. Americans and only Americans are responsible for it. They used everything and every weapon they employed every technique but again they failed in their propagated mission. They failed in getting Osama, Mulla Omer and now they are unable to get Al Zarqavi. Whatever their intentions were they destroyed and killed humanity with such menace that they cannot be trusted as humans.

    They used biological and chemical gases fully ignoring those innocent civilians who could not have moved out of Fallujah due to ailment or age. They had no mercy for women and children. The story of Fallujah is much more violent than Heroshima, but the world remained silent, as silent as the dead wind.

    We wish we had an instrument that could measure the exact number of civilians/innocent people who died because of American invasion. We can’t even measure the fiscal loss America has incurred upon an independent Iraq.

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