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    Hmmm... a number of scientific studies have revealed that the earth's finite resources (let alone environmental/waste issues...) are capable of sustaining a total population of around 250million at western mean standard of living ... a surprising low number.

    This means we are already depleating the earth's resources at an alarming rate and poisoning the planet in the process.

    The world's problem has been to limit emerging third world countries and deny them that which we in western countries take for granted.

    China is one big animal that will not be thus restrained and whose 'economic foot-print' is looming larger and larger.

    This is not just about limiting the number of McDonald's per customer although enough rainforest has been destroyed already to grow beef.

    For instance, it has already been declared that China wants to produce 250million cars in the next decade for transport hungry Chinese yuppies.

    The raw materials, energy and pollution factors are horrendous.

    Dr. Richard Leakey's "Sixth Extinction" was a timely read and worth dusting down again...


    This is only my view ... read the red stuff.
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