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    Intriguing stuff for mine.

    China is really coming on the scene FAST!! I once read an article about the number of chicken feet they import. I was flabergasted at the number and then I understood how many 1.3 billion people are!
    They are importing 55% of all newly mined platinum. Next year they will be the second largest oil importer in the world. Economy growing at 8%!! 1.3 billion people with a strong historical culture for excellance. Learning! Producing highly complex technology for the world cheaply!

    Are they now consuming so much of the worlds commodites that that is the reason the CRB has been moving relentlessly north??

    And the government has encouraged them to buy gold? And they have a newly opened gold exchange. First ever! Asians understand metals better than anyone!

    ... and the follow-up post -

    Yes, 1.3 billion a lot of people....

    At a guess, USA 260 mill, Europe 470 mill, and Japan 125 plus mill, and Russia approx 146 mill and falling fast......All only adds to about 1 billion.....


    JFI, eh.


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