on an extremely serious note!

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    A man is about to die so Gabriel comes down to his death bed and says to the man, "you better come with me now so I can show you Heaven and Hell - give you time to see for yourself and repent."
    "Ok," says the man to the Archangel and together they frollicked through Heaven and the man's heart was gladdened by what he saw. "This is wonderful Archie, he said to the Angel." (By then they had become mates enough for the use of diminutives) "Now can you show me Hell, please?"
    "Sure," said Gabriel. "Come over here." The man was brought to a large hole covered with glass through which he could see far down below all the sinners. To his utter astonishment, he saw men and women in tight entanglements, grinding into one another and drinking wine!
    "Archie!" he said. "I think I'd rather not repent, mate. They look as though they're having far more fun then people and donkeys do up here!"
    "Ah," says Gabriel "don't let looks deceive you! The glasses these poor sods are holding have holes in them and the women don't!"
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