on a serious note.

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    God and Satan are having their annual meeting.
    "So," says God to Satan, "How did you go this year?"
    "Great, actually," replied Satan to God.
    This surprised God because Satan is never supposed to have the better deal.
    "Why do you say that?" God asked Satan
    "Well, an engineer died and when he came down he looked at the place, walked around a bit, mumbled about the excessive heat and then got to work. Found a few pipes and some wires and presto, the whole of my kingdom is airconditioned!"
    "You can't do that!" said God to Satan very angrily. "I'm going to sue you!"
    "Oh, yeah?" answered Satan to God with a grin the size of a harlot's crack. "And where are YOU going to find a lawyer!"

    Carls twigged that one in the recesses of my mind. :)
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