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    Have a read of this, (from the Sunday Telegraph UK) it seems ominous for HNR, I can't see them surviving as a stand alone company for very long! You may have a problem seeing the link, but it is easy to register online! If you do have problems then I will post the full article.

    In particular, look at these three paragraphs.....>

    "Anyway, the disposal leaves Centrica looking like a vertically integrated energy player. Why is this the right shape? Gardner explains: "The UK is to become a net importer of gas from Europe and it is our competitors that control that gas. We have to move with the industry to ensure security of supply."

    To that end, Centrica is looking at acquiring gas producers in Europe and North Africa. It will also look at gas storage facilities and power stations.

    On Thursday, Centrica said it would spend an additional £2.3bn on energy acquisitions, on top of the £3.5bn already earmarked"

    Link >>>

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