CUL 5.00% 2.1¢ cullen resources limited

...omg...whats going on...time to do research.

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    Thread says it all

    OMG Guys,

    what the #@$# happened here today

    im only starting my research on this now

    give my some ideas/hints/bits of info gents

    bought some at close from 6.6c-7.2cents

    i waited until it had broken its all time high as now in blue sky

    but if fundamentals are as strong as what appears on initial impressions, will be buying more


    1) how come this hasn't run up like every other iron ore company when they have iron ore assets identical to red hill iron (RHI) in WA shared with Aquilla (AGA - a giant iron ore miner), a Joint Venture with BHP and a Joint Venture with Fortescue Metals

    Stock has consolidated for ages--->>> why hadn't it moved

    was someone capping it and accumulating. I briefly saw it for 10 minutes yesterday and it did look like it was being capped. I saw a 1mn sell order at 4.9cents and heeps of buying at 4.8cents. Then the sell was pulled and the buys immediately cleared up to 5cents

    Looked dodgy

    So guys, are the fundamentals there...

    ...i MEAN, BHP, FMD, AQA, RHI;;;joint ventures with all of these....

    could be severly undervalued

    give me feedback before i buy more please????...... going to go do more research

    i'll check other forums and do more reading, call some brokers etc....

    "illllllllll be back"
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