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    Just finished downloading and printing UN documents and Food First articles I've got a few days off work so thought I would look through your article.

    There does not seem to be UN documents on how US voted but I take it that is in Blum's book. I'm pretty sure that info can be downloaded from some of the associated sites.

    Noticed the UN docs. are over 20 years old. What has happened since?

    I'm afraid I don't take the religious and political pages here all that seriously but rather visit the pages to get a bit of entertainment from the general ratbaggery rather than visting to get enlightenment.

    Most of us have formed our religious and political ideas and prejudices by our forties which tends,on such a forum as this, to produce argumentative exchanges rather than good debate.

    What intrigues me is the varients within a block. Today I read a piece by Dufxxx ,that I think, contains the most powerful and evocative arguments for his position that I have ever read.

    So there are times when you get something to take away and think about.

    I will start reading this stuff and see if I can understand it.

    I'm off to Melbourne,in a few minutes, with the kids to see the New Year in. (Hope we don't get blown up).

    Best Wishes for the New Year

    Llew Jones

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