Old stock codes after name change and accessing threads / replies

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    When stock codes change it can make replies to old threads invisible to posters on new code it seems .

    Not sure where the cut off is. Looks like any thread initiated before the change over date of stock code in this example doesn't appear in post list , thread compiled page searched under example AVE code going forward.

    I can understand why this may have been done on purpose to archive old code and threads especially where a company is delisted etc etc however in just a code / name change it has a different affect. People can reply to threads and be invisible to current posters . It is affecting display of posts not the actual posting of them nor having old threads locked at time of code change.

    Obviously when the old POH code is recycled by ASX in future ( hmm that will be a high demand code!!!) . It is possibly as search and also compilation of pages is using 3 letter codes rather than a background ISIN or FISN number which is individual or resulting CUSIP. .

    Just a example

    Post 39308785
    It didn't appear in thread view or post list in chronological order under new code. Thread started 22/5. Posts 30/6 and 1/7 didn't appear on post and thread view.
    Possibly as those pages aggregate only AVE posts not POH + AVE posts New posts on month old POH threads are not complied in page?


    POH(ASX) changed to AVE(ASX) as of 27 May 2019

    Post does appear in advanced search for AVE

    Doesn't appear in advanced search for POH

    If the above doesn't make sense or you can't recreate let me know,
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