Old hat and half brained - why do we question?

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    OMG - do we really have to ask why we are unhappy with Canberra ------------------- have a look at the depth of thought and wisdom in this.

    I personally don't give a toss if he is lib or lab or kalathumpian party ---------- if this is the limit of the thinking we are completely stuffed

    " Either we reduce our spending in order to live within our means, or we have to increase taxes, which at the end of the day, costs people their jobs."


    Where are the new ideas?

    We actually thought this way centuries ago ----- why are there no new ideas here?

    He didn't say ---------------- get more revenue ----------------- he said 'raise taxes'.

    Sorry all ------------- labor or liberal ----------- doesn't matter ----------------- you CANNOT run a Nation at a time like this with that sort of thinking ------------ that is so out of date - so old hat and so bloody wrong.

    We need new blood, new ideas -- bugger Hockey - bugger Liberals, bugger labor - for heaven's sake - can someone just sit down and come up with some actual thought?

    There are some new ideas - after all - income tax came into being in 1900 ish - don't know the exact date but it came in to finance WW1 ---------------------- temporarily - but, it stayed.

    How would you stifle an economy? --------- well, personally, I would invent income tax!

    Gees ------------ Hockey has the big idea to raise taxes or cut spending ? -------------- wow, that is so forward thinking.

    For heavens sake --------------- has he or Abbott people got ANY other ideas?

    For god's sake - even Joh Bjelke had some different ideas --------- 20% tax ------------ my god, it may not have worked, but, at least it was different.
    What about a transaction tax? -------------  lets try it on a limited basis - just in one area -------------- ANYTHING - just try something NEW.

    What the hell do we put these duds in Canberra for? ------------- to use old ideas? to not try anything new?

    How about LEADING the nation? -------------- have a bloody go -  try new things - fine, you want to be 'conservative' - good, fine - try something new in a little area ------------- we are a BIG country.

    What the hell is wrong with these people?

    it really is time for a change ----------------- apparently only the young can do it - unfortunately - they are head down r's up on the iphone.

    Wake up dahls

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