okay, this time i sent him email

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    Seeing as he didn't return my phone call (surprise, surprise) I sent him the following email. I was probably too nice.

    Dear Mr Pullia,

    On the 6th of this month you reported that “negotiations are proceeding satisfactorily with respect to the acquisition of the Data Service Business. The Company and Ericsson now anticipate that the deposit will be paid simultaneously with the execution and completion of the Sale and Purchase Agreement next week.” You did not say that you would announce this but I and others made the (fair) assumption that an announcement would come last week. Given the fact that you have made three announcements declaring the finalization of the deal to be imminent (on 13th Feb, 25th Feb and 6th March), I would have thought another announcement to inform the market of the current status of negotiations would be proper.

    I would like to remind you that on the strength of the first announcement flagging the possible acquisition the price of Tennyson went as high as 9c. At the time of writing this email to you those investors are looking at a loss of around %60 on their investment. Others, such as myself, bought TNY on the strength of your later enthusiastic announcements declaring that the acquisition was virtually a done deal. In light of this I think you owe it to your investors to at least keep them abreast of what is happening with the negotiations.

    Yours truly, Terrence Marcon
    Email: [email protected]

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