CTF citrofresh international limited

ok place your bets

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    Lets do some reasoning here, for my money I think they would probably be in serious trouble announcing a capitol raising on the back of todays trading so I think that may be out as a possibility, besides that I think it would crush any cred the Co had built up to now.

    I have a suspicion they are more likely to be the subject of a takeover / merger / JV of some kind, plenty of independant verification out there that this stuff works on just about all microbial & bacterial contaminations on all things from fish to viruses so if you were a major when would you be taking a look at it, preferably before the bell rang or as soon as possible after it rang, one things for it sure rang hard today and it may have flushed out a player, it may just involve a due dillegence undertaking or extend to additional script or a script swap, I have no idea but I doubt it will be hostile unless a major holders decides to jump ship and if that happenes it will be for dollars not cents.

    Other thoughts welcome, mine are all pure speculation.
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