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    I can now post having had some sleep and looking back.

    Firstly if i made assumptions and got them wrong, then thats what life is all about. I havent personally contacted company so will trust that what GSW said is truth in that China hasn't been included in the investor update, or Latvia for that matter.

    So thats obviously a good thing. Also the extra 40,000 - 60,000 units just for a trial seems to have been glossed over. 60,000 extra units is equal to a record quarter for SBN.

    I guess my reaction this morning was due to the guy who sold 2 million at market. Even though at first glance i thought report was sound. Then everyone saying yay yay and getting a few little issues wrong. I myself got China wrong.

    China progressing is great. Oraline 8 is going to be a massive seller from our existing distributors right from the start.

    Id love Mexico to come through as i feel thats the company maker in terms of exposure and marketing.

    I know company doesnt spin, but there didnt seem to be any excitement in the report. It read flat, but i guess i should be use to that now from SBN.

    Any hoodle, my thoughts and Vintage has summed it up well again.

    Until Medica.

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