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ok lets talk the facts...

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    This is my first post on Centro although I have read in detail all HC posts over the last month. Like you all I expected news of the credit extension by Aus and US bankers would give some positive momentum to the SP but it the day traders, the hedgies or the "news" on more short term debt that has spurned this????

    Its this last point that I want to get some fact on! There was a large HC thread over the weekend on this but no conclusive outcome. Now as I sit here at work in London watching the Bloomberg headlines scroll by, they are saying in black and white that "CENTRO SHARE PRICE DROPS AFTER SHORT TERM DEBT INCREASED". Now many of you dismissed the SMH headlines on this 2 days ago but surely if there wasn't some truth to this, Centro would have released a statement clarifying any misinterpretation?? Has there indeed been an understatement of short term debt and if so what is the true amount? DOES ANYONE KNOW THE TURE FACTS ON THIS? I think we all need to know.

    SP won't be going up anytime soon with news like this....but are the reports true?
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