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ok lets have a look shall we

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    Ok what can a week can do for a company

    ERJ,s sp was .016 at the start of the week 22/08 and from there we had

    8,698,527 shares traded 26.67% gain
    3,429,651 shares traded 10.53% gain
    2,396,288 shares traded 0% gain
    5,068,069 shares traded 4.76% gain
    10,186,352 shares traded 13.64% gain

    And now we see ERJ @ .025 an all this in a red week and we did not even see one down day. ERJ have Shares Issued 700,508,267 so it was not a massive turnover in the scheme of things. But the good thing was the most volume was on Friday so it,s looking promising for Monday.
    Some holders are a bit dirty on ERJ,s management but you have to remember with any new product it takes time to get things going in the right direction and it looks like things are looking like going ERJ,s way for a change. By years end this will be a very different company for better or worse which ever the case shall be I don't know.
    the key is to get the first power box up and running and once this happens the wheels will move very quickly.
    Who would not want a power box on site when it is going to save the $ for them.
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