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Oil Fire, Coal Fire, Pipe Rupture, Train derailment

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    Are we prepared for what the headline will be when one of Carnegie's BA's comes free from its mooring.

    Somehow I don't think it will be as sinister as what happens when a train derails or an oil platform blows up or coal mine catches fire.......

    sometime in a future Cyclone season far far away ...........


    Carnegie BA snaps tether during category 5 Cyclone MO (OMG)

    Carnegie Wave Energy reports that one or possibly more Buoyant Actuators have broken free in the early hours of the morning off the Coast of Perth Western Australia at the height of Cyclone MO

    These Huge 20 Metre balls of steel could have created havoc for local shipping, boating enthusiasts, or the general public but due to built in High Tech foresight, Carnegie have installed a power down mechanism that simply triggers when a BA's detaches itself from its tether.

    The BA's next generation CETO 6 Smart Deactivation Device (SDD) advised via satellite link back to oncall Carnegie technicians that the BA had detached from its mooring and was being directed to the ocean floor for servicing. The BA filled with water and under a controlled descent made its way to the ocean floor to await reactivation when the Cyclone passes.

    Technicians will arrive onsite within hours and activate the surfacing program to refill the BA with air and secure the device for redeployment within 24 hours. MO ("The dude in charge" not the Cyclone) advises that a new tether can be attached within 2 hours and operations will return to normal within the day. The Tether will be attached by divers whilst the BA sits on the ocean floor. Once attached the BA will be simply slipped back into position bobbing around aimlessly making huge amounts of renewable energy.

    This BA is only one of 4000 along the 50km stretch of coastline of Western Australia which provides Renewable Energy to some 375,000 homes.
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