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    Australia's Stuart Petroleum: Worrior Well Flows 2880Bpd
    Monday September 22, 10:16 pm ET

    SYDNEY (Dow Jones)--Stuart Petroleum Ltd. and Cooper Energy NL said Tuesday that their Worrior One well near Moomba in South Australia flowed 2,800 barrels of oil a day from a drill stem test.
    The flow of 52.5 API oil was conducted over the interval 1,579-1,585 meters through a half-inch choke.

    They said the significance of this new zone oil discovery will be fully evaluated later, with an examination of wireline logs.

    Stuart has a 70% stake in the permit in the Cooper/Eromanga Basis, with Cooper owning 30%.

    -By Paul Godby, Dow Jones Newswires;

    612-8235-2969 [email protected]

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