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    xmagx, how bout getting things right in your blind enthusiasm! I'm a hardmans holder, but get browned off seeing misleading info for or against, and HDR posts are bad for it.

    "Some estimates put potential reserves at 180 million barrels of oil (although Woodside put estimates of recoverable oil at less than this.) A second well Courbine –1 failed to find commercial amounts of oil. But it hardly mattered, since Chinguetti-1 had really stirred the imagination"

    1) "some" = Ted, less than that....try around half from WPL!

    2) hardly mattered? ...sent the share price plummeting from $1.10 to .40 at the blink of an eye and burned many investers badly.
    Expect a similar dry hole to produce similar falls. Investors will once again punish.

    Hardman is a great story, but failure to stick to known facts misleads investors...something this forum tries to steer clear of. It's their money, and the investment of their families that is at risk, misleading posts can damage ppl bad.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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