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    Force #1: Oil Demand is exploding past OPEC’s ability to crank out supplies! By over 28 million barrels per day!

    Read that again: The demand for OPEC crude oil is 28 million barrels per day more than OPEC can supply. Extremely bullish for oil and gas prices!

    Force #2: Russian oil production is slowing! The world’s second-largest oil exporter is slowing, running at less than half of last year’s growth rate. Another very bullish forces for oil and gas prices!

    Force #3: Norwegian oil production is plunging! The world’s 7th source of oil is experiencing all sorts of problems, relating from bad weather, to old equipment, to strikes, and more. End result: Norwegian oil productions is expected to drop by 140,000 barrels per day! Bullish!

    Force #4: Gulf of Mexico productions is still keeping 165,000 barrels of oil per day offline! They’re still in disarray from Hurricane Ivan. And it will be months more time before Gulf production comes online. Bullish again!

    Force #5: No change in Iraq either. Iraq’s pipelines are still being blown up left and right. Oil production in Iraq is now 22% below where it was expected to be at this time. Bullish for oil prices!

    All told, according to recent surveys, world oil supplies, including OPEC oils that aren’t classified as crude, fell 645,000 barrels a day in January, to 83.6 million barrels a day.

    Meanwhile, demand continues to explode in every corner of the globe! Double-digit growth in demand is being seen in virtually every corner of the globe! My strategy:

    Aggressively Buy Oil & Gas Stocks NOW!
    There are never any sure things in the markets. There are only major trends, and minor trends. The difference: When you have a major trend in your favor — like you do now in oil and gas — your odds of winning and taking profits out of the market — go up astronomically.

    That’s why professional traders often say, “Make the trend your friend.” When you do that, you’re putting major, compelling mega-forces on your side — unstoppable forces that can help you yank out the profits you’re going after.

    That’s exactly what we have in the oil and energy markets right now: Virtually unstoppable mega - forces that could keep driving oil and gas prices higher for months, even years to come.

    So why not seize all the profit opportunities in the virtually unstoppable surge in oil prices?!

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