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    Here's the first recount turnaround:-

    Gregoire Wins By 130 Votes

    December 23, 2004

    By KOMO Staff & News Services

    SEATTLE - Christine Gregoire, the winner of Washington's race for governor after a third count of ballots, said she is "humbled" by the process that finally put her in the lead, but isn't yet formally declaring victory.

    But in comments Thursday evening at the state Capitol in Olympia, she said the election is over, and discussed the need to move forward.

    She said her transition team "is up and running."

    Gregoire took a 130-vote lead over Republican Dino Rossi when King County announced its results Thursday afternoon from the recount tally.

    The state's most populous county, which includes Seattle, was the last of 39 counties to report its results.

    Those results included 700-plus mistakenly rejected ballots that the Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that King County may reconsider.

    King County election officials found 566 of those ballots to be valid; 311 were for Gregoire, 191 for Rossi. The others either went for Ruth Bennett (26) or didn't have a vote for governor (35), or the person marked multiple candidates (1), or wrote in a candidate (2).

    It's the last undecided governor's race in the country, and the closest in Washington state history.

    The 130-vote margin come out of 2.9 million ballots cast.

    The latest ballot recount by hand reverses the results of the first count, which Rossi won by 261 votes, and the machine recount, which Rossi won by 42.

    Republicans say this election isn't over yet. Party officials say they intend to push further to make sure every legitimate Republican vote was counted.

    Secretary of State Sam Reed is scheduled to certify the election Thursday, Dec. 30. After that, Republicans may pursue a legal challenge. And state law allows any registered voter to challenge election results.

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