oh yeah...!!! he's disarmed.....not!

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    For all you non-believer who have rocks in yer heads about SH and his WMD....

    ...add a few more!!!

    Especially #8

    Among the disarmament issues he described as remaining open:

    1.Iraq claims the nerve agent VX was only produced on a pilot scale over a few months, was never weaponized and was unilaterally destroyed in 1991. But inspectors found that the purity of the agent in laboratory production was higher than declared and there was evidence that it was weaponized.

    2.U.N. evidence indicates Iraq dropped 13,000 chemical bombs during the Iraq-Iran war between 1983 and 1998. Iraq claims it used 19,500. That means 6,500 chemical bombs remain unaccounted for. The amount of chemical agent in these bombs is estimated to be on the order of 1,000 tons.

    3.Blix said the recent discovery of 12 chemical rocket warheads in a bunker southwest of Baghdad could be the "tip of the submerged iceberg ... because it points to the issue of several thousand chemical rockets that are unaccounted for." Iraq claims the warheads were simply overlooked.

    4.Iraq declared it produced 8,500 liters of its biological warfare agent, anthrax, and states it unilaterally destroyed it in the summer of 1991. Iraq has provided little evidence of its production and no evidence of its destruction. There are strong indications that Iraq produced more anthrax than it declared and that at least some of this was detained after the destruction date.

    5.There remain significant questions as to whether Iraq retained Scud-type missiles after the Gulf War. Iraq declared the consumption of a number as targets in the development of an active ballistic-missile defense system during the 1980s. But no technical information has been produced on that program or data on the consumption of the missiles.

    6.The development of a liquid-fuel missile and a solid-propellant missile that have been tested in a range in excess of the permitted range of 150 kilometers. Some of both types of missiles have been provided to the Iraqi armed forces even though Iraq claims they're still undergoing development. (Blix said Iraq has been asked to cease test-flights of both missiles.)

    7.Iraq has refurbished its missile production infrastructure and has reconstituted a number of casting chambers destroyed under UNSCOM supervision and used them in the production of solid-fuel missiles. The chambers can also be used for creating motors for missiles capable of a range significantly greater than the permitted 150 kilometers.

    8.Iraq has imported 300 rocket engines that may be used for missiles.

    9.Despite Iraq's assertion that it has turned over all documents pertaining to its weapons programs, a box containing 3,000 pages of documents relating to the enrichment of uranium using laser technology were found during an inspection
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