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oh no !! not more on rrs

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    Hi Amory $ others,

    Why I am incensed about RRS is we "ordinary folk" can only make our investment decisions on what we are told by companies & the professional people they employ.
    Otherwise,in general, what is the point in having any reporting system, and why would any of us bother reading reports if they may well be untrue.

    I have spoken to another geo. about RRs & he has told me the 0.01% Nickel( Read vitually NO nickel )in the core samples would have been IMPOSSIBLE to detect on visual inspection (before lab assays ) & there is no way a competent geo could mistake this.
    RRS, in their latest release refer to their "CONSULTANT" geologist...so one could resonably assume he is experienced & competent.

    When RRS released the initial announcement on 29th Dec of potential nickel they would have known that the market would see it as being very positive.
    Blantantly wrong information was put out by the company.
    And I suggest that some of those those close to the action would have known this at the time.

    I am responsible for all my investment decisions & do not blame anyone else for the bad ones... ( in 40 years I Have had a few )
    .... but I try to base them on the information available at the time.

    On the information available at the time,...... "looks like Nickel,next door to Nickel etc,"...... a purchase of RRS was a reasaonable CALCULATED risk for a small part of my portfolio.

    I only lost a a small amount, it doesn't matter, & I will get over it, but atm I am highly annoyed that my initial decision was based on misinformation from RRS.

    There.... having vented my spleen I feel better already.


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