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oh no! its you again!

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    Everytime this stock gets ready to go for a run the CBA is there to dump a heap of stock.

    Once they are out it skyrockets.

    Suckers such as myself who remain stupid enough to let CBA via Colonial incinerate percentages of our super funds should take note. These guys have proven themselves to be complete losers and clearly the new funds manager is a moron.

    That said GTP is clearly not going anywhere until they remove the road block at 66 (selling down into 65) that they have been operating for the last week or so.

    This on top of the stock they dumped at 58c doing the same thing.

    Hey you stupid plicks at Colonial!! Take it from me as a mug investor in your funds...I will not be disappointed if you actually make a return that doesn't have a negative in front of it for once!!!

    Are you trying to beat ING (who also have regularly managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory with GTP (and clearly elsewhere also).

    You only have to double your 'performance' to beat the 20 - 25% ING lost across their small cap funds last year.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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