oh no!!!! is this for real??

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    Apparently, they've developed this super incredibly explosive substance and they mold it into a tampon and....

    .....might even be the "dirty" bomb they've been warning us about.

    .....First the daisy-cutter now the p$ssy-cutter

    Al-Qaida set to unleash female suicide bombers
    Group carries out bin Laden orders, poised for major attack in America

    Posted: March 12, 2003
    1:25 p.m. Eastern

    A new al-Qaida unit of female suicide bombers threatens a "strike that will knock the Sept. 11 attacks into oblivion," reports the London-based Arabic newspaper A-Sharq Al-Awsat.

    The paper's website quotes a woman named Umm Usama, who describes herself as the leader of the terror network's female fighters, according to a translation by The Media Line.

    "My duty is to supervise the training of the women fighters who belong to al-Qaida and the Taliban," she told the paper.

    She said the women's network communicates via the Internet, and her orders passed through various supervisors are often instigated by Osama Bin Laden himself.

    Usama explained that bin Laden's terror network established her unit after recently deciding to include women in its military actions.

    "Islamic law permits the woman to stand by the man and to support him in the holy war," she said.

    Usama added the need for women warriors stemmed from there being an insufficient number of men and the increasing negligence of many of them.

    Usama pointed to Palestinian girls and Chechen women as evidence that females can successfully carry out "martyr operations."

    On Jan. 27, 2002, female suicide bomber Wafa Idris took one life and wounded an estimated 100 others in downtown Jerusalem. Idris was a paramedic who had been wounded several times by Israeli rubber bullets.

    Idris' mother, Wasfiyeh, proudly described her daughter as a martyr and a "daughter of Palestine," and the attack reportedly inspired other women in Palestinian refugee camps to follow her example.

    Following Idris' attack, WorldNetDaily interviewed a veteran female Palestinian terrorist and leader of the "Black September" airline hijacking gang, Leila Khaled, who welcomed women's participation in the intifada.

    "Do not forget," Khaled said, "that women are involved in the [Palestinian] military organization. We must continue to struggle with all possible measures."

    Al-Qaida's Usama warned the U.S. that members of her women warriors unit will be arriving very shortly to deliver its first blow, which has been "declared by their leader" to be a "strike that will knock the Sept. 11th attacks into oblivion."
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